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Peregrine Falcon Assembled

Our unique Peregrine Falcon is very life-like and very effective as an extra deterrent to bird pressure. We hope you find this bird kite useful to keep away birds and small animals. This bird will beat it's wings, bank on the air and soar to new heights. The Peregrine kite is made of a very durable material, that is tough and weather-resistant called Tyvek. The poles with the fishing line will change with the direction of the wind for 360 degrees flexibility. We used to use noisy propane cannons in addition to our netting, but now we use the kites. Did you know that Peregrine Falcons are feared by other birds. The bird can fly 150 miles an hour and even prey on the Red Tailed Hawks and mostly kill the birds in mid-air. If you were a bird would you want to stick around with a Peregrine Falcon around? The shipping cost might be a little extra but we want to ensure the packaging and handling gives you a bird that is intact!